Operations & Maintenance

You Can Expect:

  • Regular maintenance including preventative and major fixes
  • Subcontractor management
  • Vendor management
  • Panel cleaning, debris & vegetation removal & pest control
  • Cost optimization
  • Work scheduling
  • Performance assessment reporting


Regular maintenance is crucial for preserving your solar investment and maintaining efficiency. We keep your solar installation working at a high level by managing subcontractors, ensuring the system meets health, safety, and environment standards. Finally, we can repair any major damage or fix malfunctions to your solar installation.


Regular cleaning & vegetation management keeps your solar installation operating at maximum efficiency. Let PCI Solar manage this for you with regular panel cleaning, vegetation & debris removal, and pest control. We will manage subcontractors to ensure your panels are clean & receiving as much light as possible. We also offer asset life planning & support.


HOLT Renewables helps in all other areas of operations and maintenance. Maximize return-on-investment with cost optimization and performance assessment reports. Have peace of mind while we schedule all maintenance of your solar installation. For any operations and maintenance needs, we'll put together a plan.