HOLT Renewables:

100% Commitment To Safety

Our vision is to provide a safe, productive, fulfilling work environment for employees.

As a core value, we emphasize a safety culture: management demonstrating care for their employees, and employees making the effort to perform their jobs safely using the appropriate tools and equipment. The concept of safety culture permeates the way we think and behave, aligning the entire organization for the betterment of everyone.

A safety culture is beyond compromise. It is self-imposed, about preparing for the worst outcome but planning for the best conclusion, doing the right thing, and never accepting shortcuts and normalization of risky behavior. We hold each other accountable and expect the safe execution of our work.

Our award-winning safety program enables us to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers by providing ongoing safety support, education, training and technical expertise, ensuring mutually beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders. For more information about safety culture, call us.

Our Safety Culture Translates Into Customer Benefits

  • A lower Experience Modification Rate (EMR);
  • Improved morale and well-being of the workforce;
  • Increased productivity & efficiency;
  • Decreased absenteeism;
  • Fewer accident claims;
  • Lower workers’ compensation program costs;
  • Reduced property damage;
  • Decreased employee turnover; and
  • Lower insurance costs.