Bisbee, Arizona is located approximately 100 miles southeast of Tuscon. The city’s energy strategy focuses on sustainable development and decreasing electricity costs. Installing solar PV to service its municipal facilities is one of the best ways to accomplish its goals.

The Situation

The City of Bisbee's goal was to reduce energy costs of running government buildings. The city’s largest energy user is the San Jose Wastewater Treatment Plant, so it made sense to focus on bringing the plant’s energy costs down.

Realizing the environmental and economic benefits of using a renewable energy source like solar power, Bisbee officials decided to install a solar system to run the plant.

The Solution

HOLT Renewables worked with community leaders to develop a 400kW solar system for Bisbee's wastewater treatment facility. We also partnered with PACE, a nationally recognized wastewater treatment services provider.

The City of Bisbee chose to work with HOLT Renewables on this project for the following reasons:

  • HOLT Renewables has a full, in-house solar engineering, design, and project management team;
  • Our in-house team has the experience and resources to deliver on time, on budget, and to Bisbee's specifications;
  • The HOLT Renewables team has experience in executing solar projects in Arizona and for other local governments;
  • HOLT Renewables has an outstanding safety rating -- a crucial factor when operating heavy, energized equipment; and
  • We have bonding capacity of $75 million per project and $750 million in aggregate--an important factor for working with a local government entity.

The Success

HOLT Renwables exceeded expectations in the design of the solar panel array. Producing nearly 90% of the energy required to run the plant, City of Bisbee officials estimate the project saves the city $110,000 a year.

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