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As businesses become more conscious of their environmental impact, they are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable. For UPLIFT Desk, an ergonomic furniture manufacturer and distributor, they made a strategic investment into solar to offset the environmental impact of their operations. To accomplish this, they turned to HOLT Renewables as their trusted solar EPC partner to guide them through the process.

How HOLT Renewables Became UPLIFT Desk’s Preferred Solar Partner

Over the years, the two companies have worked on multiple solar projects, with HOLT Renewables delivering a total of three solar arrays for UPLIFT Desk. These solar projects include a 50,000 square foot warehouse (Cameron Building) and two commercial office buildings (Ferguson Building 1 & Ferguson Building 2) located at UPLIFT Desk’s Austin campus.

The aim of each solar project was to achieve a complete offset of energy consumption for each building. This target was successfully met, as the solar panels were able to offset 100% of the electricity consumed on-site.

Throughout these solar projects, HOLT Renewables has earned UPLIFT Desk’s trust by delivering outstanding customer service, attention to detail, and innovative problem-solving. Despite facing challenges during the solar installation process, the two companies have worked together to overcome each obstacle.

Delivery of a Unique Design Request

UPLIFT Desk had a creative vision in mind for their solar modules – they wanted them to spell out their company name and be visible from the sky. This posed a unique challenge, but HOLT Renewables was up to the task. Through innovative thinking and careful planning, they were able to turn UPLIFT Desk’s idea into a reality. The result was a visually stunning solar array that not only generates clean energy but also serves as a unique branding opportunity for UPLIFT Desk.

Pandemic-Proof Construction Plan

One significant concern for UPLIFT Desk was how to manage the installation during the pandemic when their operations were at peak demand. The company couldn’t afford to slow down production for a solar installation. HOLT Renewables devised a construction plan that seamlessly integrated into UPLIFT Desk’s day-to-day operations, without any impact or disruptions.

Leveraging Tax Incentives

HOLT Renewables’ expertise in navigating the complex web of tax incentives and rebates available to businesses was crucial in helping UPLIFT Desk take advantage of every opportunity to reduce the cost of their solar project. The team identified Austin Energy’s Performance Based Incentive (PBI) for solar, which rewards businesses for generating electricity from renewable sources. They also helped UPLIFT Desk take advantage of federal solar tax credits, including the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Bonus Depreciation, which provide businesses with significant tax benefits for investing in solar power.

HOLT Renewables’ thorough understanding of the available tax incentives and rebates ensured that UPLIFT Desk received the maximum benefit possible, resulting in a lower cost for the solar installation and a shorter payback period for the company.

Coordination with Utility Groups

UPLIFT Desk saved valuable time and resources by allowing HOLT Renewables to handle coordination with Austin Energy on their behalf. This proactive and efficient approach to project coordination allowed UPLIFT Desk to focus on their core business operations while HOLT Renewables handled the rest.

Communication with Key Stakeholders

Good communication is essential for any successful project. Throughout UPLIFT Desk’s solar projects, HOLT Renewables kept the lines of communication open with all UPLIFT Desk’s key stakeholders, including with their CEO Jon Paulsen and CFO Clifton Levine. This ensured that everyone was on the same page, and any concerns were promptly addressed. Even when unexpected delays occurred during their Phase II of construction, HOLT Renewables kept UPLIFT Desk’s needs front and center, and delivered the project within the agreed-upon timeframe and budget.

UPLIFT Desk’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

UPLIFT Desk’s dedication to sustainability and investment in solar energy has led to an undeniable positive impact on the environment. By generating more electricity than they consume, they are paving the way towards a cleaner and brighter future.

If your business shares the same passion for sustainability, contact HOLT Renewables today. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to develop a tailored solar solution that meets your business’s unique needs and helps you achieve your sustainability goals. Let’s work together towards a greener future.

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