News June 28, 2017

San Antonio, TX, 6/28/2017 – PCI Solar is pleased to announce the successful completion of a solar array located at the Toyota manufacturing facility in San Antonio, Texas. Toyota chose to host solar on their property as part of CPS’s (San Antonio’s municipal utility) Solarhost program. The award winning program gives incentive to a property owner to host a solar array on their property. The utility is able to collect the benefit of having many distributed energy sources throughout the city contributing to their load during peak hours.

The ground mounted 265KW array is located near and interconnected into the facility’s visitor center and medical clinic. A total of 828 Trina 320 watt panels produce the DC electricity and is converted to AC power via 6 SolarEdge 33KW inverters.

Interested in solar for you business? CPS Energy offers a commercial incentive for their customers, please call PCI Solar now at 888.846.8653 to schedule a no obligation feasibility study, or learn more at:

PCI Solar is a division of Performance Contracting Group, a specialty building contractor with over $1 Billion in annual revenues. The PCI Solar team serves commercial, government, and channel partner customers across the United States on a broad range of project sizes and types, including ground mount, roof mount, solar carport and solar shade canopies.

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PCI Solar Becomes HOLT Renewables LLC

January 30, 2020

We are pleased to announce the successful close of the merger between PCI Solar and HOLT CAT; and the formation of HOLT Renewables, LLC. This has been an exciting time for our team as we recognize the opportunity in working alongside the HOLT family of companies and continue to grow our capabilities to continue to […]


Ribbon cut at Marianna solar farm

October 4, 2019

PCI Solar partners with Marianna, FL to deliver 2,300 KW of power to operate two wastewater facilities, creating yearly savings of $325,000.

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