News January 30, 2020

We are pleased to announce the successful close of the merger between PCI Solar and HOLT CAT; and the formation of HOLT Renewables, LLC. This has been an exciting time for our team as we recognize the opportunity in working alongside the HOLT family of companies and continue to grow our capabilities to continue to expertly service our clients to achieve energy savings alongside their renewable energy goals. This transaction has secured the PCI Solar team’s past experience, capability and passion to continue to serve our clients as HOLT Renewables, LLC.

About HOLT Renewables

HOLT Renewables, a turnkey engineering, procurement and construction firm, works nationwide to support commercial and industrial clients to take renewable projects from concept to execution. We analyze utility spend and use, assess client facilities and feasibility, model financials, and secure engineering and procurement in order to help customers implement projects to meet their goals. The HOLT Renewables team has decades of experience creating and constructing complex solar solutions for customers across the US. Learn more about our projects here.

Acquired in 2019, HOLT Renewables is part of Holt Companies, which has a strong commitment to make efficient use of the world’s natural and sustainable resources and reducing unnecessary effects on people and the environment by integrating sustainability into our core businesses and helping our customers do the same. Learn more about HOLT’s environmental philosophy here.


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Transforming Public Transportation

April 24, 2023

HOLT Renewables announced it will design and construct a first-of-its-kind solar-powered charging infrastructure solution for CapMetro, Austin’s regional public transportation provider, in collaboration with bp pulse.


HOLT Renewables Joins the Texas Power Association

August 11, 2022

HOLT Renewables has joined The Texas Solar Power Association (TSPA). The TSPA is a statewide industry trade association that promotes the development of solar electric generation in Texas. Member companies invest in the development of solar photovoltaic products and projects, cost-competitively serving customers in both wholesale and retail markets, and includes manufacturers, large-scale power plant […]

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