News July 6, 2017

SAN ANTONIO, TX, July 6, 2017 – HoltCAT Texas is leading the way in Caterpillar’s effort to help their customers go solar. HoltCAT is installing its first solar project using CAT-branded thin-film solar panels and inverters at the company’s San Antonio headquarters. PCI Solar, which has built over 1MW of solar projects for HoltCAT Texas and HoltCAT California dealerships, started construction on the 81kW rooftop project on a new building this week.

Caterpillar, through its national network of dealers such as Holt CAT Texas, is helping its customers increase their sustainability, energy savings, and energy independence through offering such solutions as microgrids which include solar and energy storage. These systems are available in sizes ranging from 10kw to 100MW, depending on customer needs.

The San Antonio project leverages a cash rebate from local utility CPS Energy and federal investment and depreciation tax credit to provide an outstanding ROI for HoltCAT. Since the project is also the first using CAT-branded solar modules and inverters, HoltCAT Texas is using the experience to learn how to help their customers save on their energy costs and boost their sustainability through CAT-branded solar.

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PCI Solar is a division of Performance Contracting Group, a specialty building contractor with over $1 Billion in annual revenues. The PCI Solar team serves commercial, government, and channel partner customers across the United States on a broad range of project sizes and types, including ground mount, roof mount, solar carport and solar shade canopies.

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Ribbon Cutting Event for the Vallecitos Water District’s Solar Project

October 14, 2021

The Vallecitos Water District Board of Directors agreed to pursue development of district-wide renewable power sources using existing open space to benefit the District and its ratepayers. Two projects are now complete; two arrays at the pair of Vallecitos owned reservoirs in Twin Oaks Valley, and an array at the (sewer) Lift Station #1, located on San Marcos Boulevard.


HOLT Renewables Constructing 4.95 MW for Toyota North America

August 12, 2020

Toyota taps HOLT Renewables to add 10.8 acres of new solar arrays at the company’s plants in Alabama, Missouri and West Virginia, reducing reliance on outside energy needed for operations.

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